What is Affiliate Link Cloaking and why to use it?

Hello, in this post before knowing about Affiliate Link Cloaking, firstly you should know about what is Link Cloaking. Before going to that part if you want to know about affiliate marketing then click the below links and read those post.

Do you want to do online passive income? Try Affiliate Marketing. This is the best way to earn money online.

What you just have to do is to recommend the products of others to more and more people and just then money starts coming to your bank account.

You can learn more about affiliate marketing from here:

Affiliate marketing is not as easy as it seems that it really is. Many people are in this field who are struggling to make money. For this reason, this field has become very competitive.

That is why there is no doubt in this time why the market is filled with a lot of spammers. Many such wrong ways have been done by which innocent commissioners, who have made great efforts to get sales, should be stripped of their commission.

Commission thefts usually include dishonest companies that setup malware in people’s web browsers and replace our unique affiliate links with hackers’ affiliate links and we lose our commission.

A good news is that a defensive weapon has been made to avoid this: Link Cloaking

What is Link Cloaking?

In simple words, link cloaking means to convert long Affiliate URLs into nice short URLs.

Converting UGLY URL into pretty URL:

Generally, all the affiliate links that you get are very big and poor in appearance. These are usually long strands of numbers, letters and symbols. With link cloaking, you can convert these URLs into nice, short and good looking links.

With this technique you can also add the name of your brand to the URL, which makes it seem more trustworthy and also shows the reputation of your brand in a way.

Here is an example:

Affiliate URL:

https://www.semrush.com/lp/sem/en/?ref=7445235178&utm_campaign=aio_ campaign&utm_source=berush&utm_medium=promo&utm_term=23

Affiliate Cloaked URL:


Why should you always cloak your affiliate links?

Keeping the reasons given below, you should cloak Affiliate links.

Commission loss decreases

Many affiliate marketing network companies tell their users to beware of malwares that replace your affiliate links with hackers’ affiliate links and lose your commission from you.

In such a situation, you cannot do much, just you can join some reputable affiliate networks.

Some can also replace your Affiliate link with other Affiliate link by accessing your product page. To avoid any such things, I would recommend that you do cloaking the link. By doing this, there are chances that in most cases you will be able to save your commission for yourself.

Some people are so clever that they know that they are clicking on the affiliate link, then they remove your unique code from your affiliate URL. I call such people by-passers. According to me, if you cloaking the link to avoid such people, it would be good.

This helps tracking

If you use Affiliate links, then you will be able to track them easily. If you are a WordPress blogger, then whatever plugins you will use to cloak your links, they all help you in tracking. With this, you will be able to further improve your conversion rate.

CTR increases

As you know, Affiliate links are ugly in appearance. If you cloak them, they look great. People often do not click on ugly URLs, so it is better that you also cloak your affiliate URLs and make them great. This will tremendously increase your Click Through Rate (CTR).

Link management is easy

Cloak the links helps a lot in future management. Suppose you had inserted an affiliate link to your different blog posts.

Now suppose your affiliate link has been changed from that company or you have to change the link due to any other reasons. So will you edit every blog post again?

If you do cloaking the link, then you can save a lot of time in such tasks by just changing the affiliate link behind your cloaked URL.

Ad Blockers You Can Avoid

Nowadays many people install ad blockers in their web browsers. In this case, your affiliate links are also blocked. If you want to save your commissions in such cases, then you should cloak your links. This will prevent ad blockers from blocking your affiliate links.

You can no-follow Affiliate links easily

Instead of manually following each Affiliate link, you will be able to no-follow all Affiliate links in just one click with your cloaked link management plugin, by cloak your Affiliate links.

Search Engine Ranking

A major concern with all Affiliate marketers is the creation of rankings in the Search Engine. Many marketers are unable to optimize their blog SEO properly and fail to get good rankings.

Cloak your URL helps you in optimizing your site SEO.

How to cloak Affliate Links? (Free WordPress Plugins)

If you also have a WordPress blog or website, you can easily cloak affiliate links by using the free plugins mentioned below.

Pretty Link Lite

Pretty Link Lite is a free plugin for WordPress link cloaking which makes the task of cloaking quite easy. With this you can manage all your affiliate links easily. With this plugin, you can also automatically put nofollow tags on all your affiliate URLs, shorten the links and redirect them appropriately.

Easy Affiliate Links

Easy Affiliate Links

This is another great plugin for Affiliate marketers to cloaking their Affiliate URLs. This allows you to add cloak links and manage all your affiliate links from the same dashboard.


You can also cloak your links using some services like Geni.us. This service costs you $ 9 per month but it also has many advanced features like geo-location based redirection.

We also use it for Amazon Affiliate Links and I also recommend it to you.


You will be surprised to know that many people also suggest not to cloaking Affiliate link. But they give reasons behind it quite silly.

Our entire team recommends all of you to cloak Affiliate links on your blog or website according to your experience and results.

There is no harm to cloak affiliate links, but there are many benefits. Just make sure that your cloaked affiliate links are working properly.

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