5 Best Ways To Make Money Online

In this blog article about 5 Best Ways To Make Money Online I have tried to cover all the very basic to some advanced yet necessary ways to lead you in the direction to earn money online in a very genuine and easy way.

Earning money has always been associated with and restricted to certain limited traditional ‘offline’ ways.
Now a days with taking over a large part of our lives, the internet has become much more than just a source of news and entertainment gossip for all of us. So before looking into 5 Best Ways To Make Money Online, let me tell you about the risk involved also.

In today’s world, hundreds of billions of dollars are being exchanged via multitude of legitimate activities.

More and more people are looking to ways to earn money online to increase their financial inflows by starting their own businesses on the internet and making money online. Even some are turning their online ventures into full-time internet businesses.

While there are numerous ways available to earn money online, you have to be careful while choosing the right platform because some of them might be fake as well. Thus we are taking you for a ride of some valid and tested legitimate ways only. Remember, do not expect to earn a huge amount quickly over a night when using online avenues to earn money.

So, Are you ready to turn your passions into profits but not sure where to get started? Let’s take a look at preferable Let’s take a look at preferable Five most trusted and proven ways to make money online that won’t require a lot of time or cut into your regular routine. Take these options as supplemental sources of income with the potential in some cases to be a whole lot more new levels.

Following are the 5 Best Ways To Make Money Online:

1. Start Your Own Blog

Are you interested in generating passive income? If the answers is ‘YES’ then, You need a website. Starting your own blog is one of the most popular ways to make money online while you sleep.You can start your blog on any topic that you’re passionate about, but you may need to consider choosing a profitable niche market if you intend to make money with your blog.


There is enough material available online to help you to put together your own blog which includes choosing the domain, templates, layout and the overall design for your blog.

Once ready to service the visitors with the relevant content, use your blog to share hobbies, thoughts and passions with others and use your blog to make real connections with people.

The mechanics are simply straightforward, you will be able to make good amounts of profits with your blog via online advertisings (e.g. sign up for Google Adsense) which when appear on your blog and clicked on by visitors, affiliate marketing (see below) and subscriber-based lists to produce a steady stream of income.
After completing these steps the traffic is what that helps you to make money online, the more traffic you get on your blog, the more will be the potential for higher earnings.

There are many ways to make money with a blog but this is one of the most reliable and fastest ways to get your desired result.

Once your website is up and running, opt for affiliate marketing by allowing companies to insert web links on your site. This is like a symbiotic partnership. When visitors to your site buy products or services by clicking on those links, you earn out commission from it.

These days one thing to keep in mind is that there is really little difference between a website and a blog. Most websites are actually run on blog-based CMS (content management systems), such as WordPress, Joomla, etc.

Your blog doesn’t just have to include blog posts, but can also include regular web pages, sales pages, e-commerce, product pages, etc.

In this or outside of this article/post of 5 Best Ways To Make Money Online after shortlisting all the option we cake to know that there are only top 3 most recommended ways to make money online and Start Your Own Blog is Recommended as no.1 to every one of you who really want to make some serious online income.

2. Affiliate Marketing

If you’ve got a good presence on social media or perhaps you even have a blog or website but you don’t have your own products or services to sell, You can start bringing in handsome amount of money immediately by promoting all sorts of companies, their products and services and offers online.

To know more about affiliate marketing read our post What is Affiliate Marketing in Hindi: For Beginners (2021)

Affiliate marketing gives you a chance to earn strong commissions through a series of one-time or ongoing monthly sales. Online merchants provide you with a simple affiliate tracking link or even an affiliate website and marketing support – all you have to do is promote the company and its product as well as services with your link via social media, search engines or perhaps ideally your own website or blog (see above).

With all of these methods we’re discussing here you’ll definitely need to be sure to build your email list so you can continually follow up with your subscribers, followers even visitors and generate multitude of additional sales.

5 ways to make money online

The greatest thing about affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to create your own products, you don’t have to provide any customer supports or services and you don’t have to create your own marketing materials.

All you have to do is pick a profitable market, promote the products and services as an affiliate marketer and anytime a sale is made then earn a commission from that sale. Affiliate marketing is one of the most trusted, fastest and easiest ways to make money online.

Even if you are offering your own products and services many people also choose to promote other people’s or company’s products as an additional income stream source to what they are already doing.

In this or outside of this article/post of 5 Best Ways To Make Money Online we have short listed all the option and came to a conclusion that there are only top 3 most recommended ways to make money online and Affiliate marketing stand as no.3 to every one of you who really want to make some serious online income.

3. Create your YouTube channel

If you are not comfortable in sharing your thoughts and knowledge through blogs and content writing, then why not make use of your mobile camera to create a video presentation.

5 ways to make money online 3

According to all the new recent stats we are now watching more videos on YouTube than doing searches on Google. And with the YouTube Partner Program you can now make profit from making and uploading videos even you can now take YouTube as your career.
There are plenty of supporting stories every week of more and more YouTubers making YouTube their career.

Create your own YouTube channel depending on your niche, create and upload videos and start monetizing them with Google Adsense. Before getting started, choose a category or subject about which you want to make videos on, but make sure it’s a topic that will interest numerous people.
Everything from political debates to cooking shows, tutorials to entertainment can find huge audiences on YouTube. You only have to create a YouTube channel, which works on a similar model as a blog. As your channel becomes popular and the number of subscribers grows, so will your earning potential.

Depending on how successful you are (viral, subscriber base and topic), you can make a lot of money for life, The success means more money.

Including and outside of this article/post of 5 Best Ways To Make Money Online we came to a conclusion that there are only top 3 most recommended ways to make money online and Create your own YouTube channel is Recommended as no.1 to every one of you who really want to make some serious online income.

4. Freelancing

On the Internet, Freelancing has always been a very popular way to earn money online. There are several websites available that are offering freelance tasks for people with varying skills and knowledge. All you need to do is just to create an account on those websites, browse through their listings, and apply for the desired task that suits you best.

5 ways to make money online 4

You can earn anywhere between $5 and $300 or even more per task (depending on the category and level of work) through these websites.

Freelancing is not really a passive income stream but the best thing about is that it is one of the fastest ways to generate income. You can work for clients in the USA, UK, India and around the whole world with just a computer or laptop with an active Internet connection from home, in your own suitable hours whilst developing other valuable skills.

Various websites may ask you to create a completely personal listing with the full or short details of your skill-set, so that interested clients can contact and hire you directly. upwork.com, fiverr.com, freelancer.com, and worknhire.com are some popular and legit websites that provide freelance jobs.

But you will be paid only when you complete your task on time and has been approved by your client. This means you may have to revise the work several times unless the requirements of your clients are not matched. Many sites ask you to set up a PayPal account because most clients prefer to make payments only through it.

In 5 best ways to make money online Freelancing stands tightly on no. 4.

5. Surveys, Searches and Reviews

In our list of 5 Best ways to make money online Surveys, Searches and Reviews is at no. 5th and is also a risky way at some extent.

Online surveys are one of the easiest yet risky ways to earn few extra cash. Old and popular as well as new Brand name corporations and market research firms are desperately seeking people’s opinions on their products and services and are offering good payoff for it. Depending on their category, complexity, and duration each survey can be worth 5 to 10 or 30 or even more dollars.

5 ways to make money online 5

Taking surveys are not a full-time income source but is a realistic way to make a few hundred extra dollars per month.

There are many websites paying money to undergo online surveys, carrying out searches and writing reviews on their products. To get the payment, you need to disclose few confidential information to them including your IDs and banking details. That’s why you should use this risky route with utmost care.

Some of them may ask you to register with them even before working on any projects. The most important point to watch out in those projects is to stay away from websites offering money that appears even too good to be true.

Always be careful while evaluating the reputation of any survey website as many of them could be a completely scam. And also, most of these sites promotes their businesses by showing copies of cheque payments on their web-pages but in reality which may have been given to no one or to the middlemen only.
As this field is widely spread with scam too, that will take a lot of your valuable time but pays you very little money in return or even completely scam you out of your money without telling any reason.

There are many reputable and legit and tested survey companies you can choose from, but you may need to limit yourself to 2-5 in the beginning stage. Always stick with the survey companies that gives you plenty of surveys to take and pays you a decent amount for that. And stop using all other services that don’t end up being worth of your valuable time.

Start Making Money Online Today

Remember, Once you set your mind to specific income goals, making money online becomes surprisingly easy. Ideally, the activity field that you choose to engage with are easy and full of fun, utilize your talents and interests, are worthy of your valuable time, and offer fair compensation.

As the Internet is continuously evolving, opportunities to earn part-time and full-time online income is also widely growing. So in this way, giving it a try is worth which can open up new and broader areas for making career and business options.

If you have any question or doubts on these 5 best ways to make money online, feel free to contact us by commenting below. A and if our blog post helped or guided you in any way then please like our post and support our blog by sharing and recommending to others. ThankYou!

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