11 Ways To Increase Website Traffic Instantly

Do You Want To Learn How To Increase Website Traffic Instantly? Then, you made the right choice and are at the right place. Here I will guide you with 11 ways To Increase Website Traffic Instantly.

You worked hard and created a website or a blog but it’s been a while or say few weeks or few months but still, your site is getting almost no traffic from google or you are getting low traffic but instead of going upward traffic graph is going downward?

It’s so sad and discouraging! Isn’t it?

After some more time without any improvement you started to think that you can’t derive traffic from google anymore and you get frustrated?

The truth is You can genuinely get thousands of organic traffic only by reading and implementing the topics of this article.

In this post, the skills I am about to share are both Free & Paid.

In this post, I will tell you 11 tested ways (and many more tested ways will be added later) to attract huge organic traffic from Google. If many of you are not getting traffic then on reading this article and applying to your blog and websites, you can derive a lot of Instant Traffic directly from Google to your blog or website without any doubt.

How To Generate Traffic Organically?

Generating Traffic Organically Is Not An Easy Job, It Requires Lots Of Effort, Research, Knowledge and Patience and Hours of Seriously Hard Work.

You Will Have To Do and Cover Many Things To Get The Genuine Traffic Organically From SERPs (search engine results pages) Like Google, Bing, And More Search Engines.

But, By following the topics and tested ways that are discussed in this article, you can quickly increase your organic traffic directly from Google.

Without SEO, Can we derive traffic from Google?

Yes! You can derive an enormous amount of traffic directly from Google without doing any SEO. We can derive traffic just by writing guest posts on other’s websites, by doing a personal, blog, and website branding, running ads on a different platform like Google Adwords, Facebook Pixel, Instagram, YouTube to increase ranking.

Many successful pro bloggers are doing personal branding through advertising on multiple platforms.

Traffic From Social Media, How To Get that?

Directing traffic from social media to your site is an easy yet crucial task, Not only you can derive millions of traffic just by using different social media platforms but you can also increases your followers on those social media platforms as well.

On reading this article, You will learn many useful and necessary skills to increase website traffic and to promote your website and blog contents on all different social media platforms.

Get Traffic From Google But How?

You can get huge numbers of organic Traffic from Google just by doing On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO on your blog or website.

In order to easily start ranking on google, You will Have to Build And Earn The Trust Of Google especially if you are a newbie then it must become your first aim or task to gain that trust.

Always Remember, SEO takes time to rank your post on search engines, So traffic to your Website do not grows instantly or fast.

But on the other hand, whether Generating traffic for your website is difficult or easy, Only by following these secret and successful techniques you can increase your website traffic instantly.

Let’s see what those 11 Ways To Increase Website Traffic Instantly Fast

1. Be aware of your page speed

In fast running world no one like to wait or go slow, this same rule applies in the same way in the word of internet A.K.A. DIGITAL WORLD. And So, with content at everyone’s fingertips with lots of option available to choose from nobody wants to wait around for a slow site.

Why Page Speed is Necessary?

If you have a slow site then there is nothing worst than that. You may have a compelling web design, dazzling contents but if your website is slow and couldn’t load properly you will lose people from every direction. Even after upcoming update of 2020-2021 Google will not allow slow websites to rank on their search engine if it takes more than 2.5 seconds to load and have no good quality contents.

We all have been there sometimes; clicked onto a website staring at the loading bar that isn’t loading immediately, getting impatient and in a few seconds of waiting before it loads, backing out.
If you really want visitors to stick around and come back again and again and generate huge traffic as well as rank your website on search engine like Google, Bing etc. then you need to be careful and certain that you are constantly monitoring your website very seriously to make sure that without compromising quality it is well optimized to load as quickly as possible.

Tips to increase page speed

Use Of A Catch Plugin- Using a good cache plugin like WP-Rocket, W3 Total Cache etc. and configuring them correctly dramatically improves your page speed.

Image Optimized- must use optimized images to boost your website loading speed.

Use Of CDN- By delivering website contents from a CDN (Content Delivery Network) can improve page response and load speed by 20% to 50% in some cases upto 70%.

Keep It Simple- Do not use lots of plugins or code to add features which you do not need or use but uninstall or remove any unwanted codes (like javascript, CSS, or HTML) instead.

2. Use Catchy Title or Keywords

In this modern and young world, many visitors don’t like dull, boring, and outdated titles and keywords. If any such titles comes in their way either they just ignore them or go away because they want something attractive, more appealing which actually works and seems informative to them.
Catchy titles and keywords attract more visitors because they generally create curiosity to click and read full article/blog post.

With these attractive titles, the Click-Through Rate (CTR) increases and helps your blog to rank on google very quickly.
This technique is used by many bloggers and influencers to get thousands of visitors per hour.

Why use catchy titles, why not simple ones?

Catchy titles are very vital for getting social shares, on social media if you don’t have catchy and impressive titles to impress users then no one clicks on your posted links.

Tips For Writing Catchy And Great Keywords or Titles

SEO Optimized– This tip is most important and is a must for your Article to include focus keywords to help google to identify which keywords you are targeting.

Keep Your Title simple and straightforward – Keeping your title simple and straightforward helps people to understand about what you are telling them, if they don’t understand your title they won’t come to your blog and spend time exploring and reading it.

Use List Article i.e. Numbers – The post or article which contains numbers in their Title like – “10 Strategies To Increase Website Traffic Instantly Fast” is called List Article. Using numbers in article title is considered as the best technique to win visitors attention because visitors gets curious to read those article as they receive much clearer information and knowledge.

Make It Stunning – After making your title stunning when the viewer finds your title on Search Engine, they become curious to read it. This will also help you to maintain and keep your bounce rates lower.

Add Power Words – Adding power word in your keyword attracts users and helps you to get site traffic enormously boosted.

The above tips also promote your site to get far better and improved CTR and traffic from Google.

3. Be sure your site is responsive

In today’s world Mobile browsing is dominating over desktop browsing, so a site suitable to browse on a mobile devices is a must. And that’s why being sure that your website works for most of your audience is the key to get huge traffic on your site, hence to be a successful website being responsive site is very compulsory.

Why the responsive site is important?

If your website doesn’t work properly on mobile devices then it will result in losing a enormous group of customers and visitors. Which can give a really negative impact on your website rank as well as your business. Non-responsive site becomes biggest disadvantage when it comes to compete with so many other websites that represent same or similar business like your’s.
So, it is necessary to have a responsive and up to date site in order to succeed in current digital world.

Tips to convert a non responsive site into responsive

Use Responsive Theme – The best and most preferable way is to install a theme which is created responsive and already optimized to work according to the UI (User-Interface) of mobile devices.

Use Google AMP – Google AMP is created by Google to generate a responsive and optimized version to run on mobile devices for such website which were developed on the base of older algorithms and codes before the era of mobile devices. But you can use Google AMP on responsive websites also and generate & use AMP version instead of default responsive design.

4. On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO helps you to increase your website rank easily. Only by doing Page Optimization, you can rank your website up.
On-Page SEO has many options and points which can help you to boost-up your website rank easily onto 1st page of Google search.

What Are The Options And Points In On-Page SEO Which Helps To Rank?

Here I am sharing some very crucial points of On-Page SEO to guide you to best optimize your posts:

Make Your Website Faster – As we discussed above, Website Speed is one of the most important and very crucial elements of On-Page SEO. If your site is slow, the visitors who comes to visit your site will not wait for long for your site to load and before it loads completely they will be gone to some other similar site which loads fast. This will increase your site’s bounce rate and fiercely decreases your Google Ranking.

Title Tag Optimization – Title Tag optimization is a recommended optimization, it completes as well as improve your optimization. Use keywords in h1, h2 tags to help the google crawler to discover your main keywords. Optimizing the title helps you to improve your optimization.

Smart Meta Description – Add meta description very smartly in a way which must helps users to understand your post and create curiosity to click the link to read full post.

Create High-Quality Posts — Always create high-quality Posts which must be full of information and give best knowledge to your visitors. Must maintain this quality throughout your site to convert your website visitors into your regular audience.

How To Boost Website Speed?

Always use the best and reliable web hosting service provider to host your website.

Optimize Your Rich Snippets –

Add valuable information in your rich snippet to achieve best optimization by which google crawler easily fetches all your website data which results exponentially increase in your website rank on Google Search Page.

Below Is The Format Of Data To Be Added In Rich Snippet To Helps Google To Understand :

  • Catchy Title Tag
  • a review on snippets
  • reviewer name on snippets, to enable users and Google to understand that the review is particularly for that topic.
  • star ratings on snippets
  • write an clear, wise and catchy meta description so that user may boldly click on your blog or website.

5. Off-Page Seo

“Off-Page SEO” is also known as “off-site SEO”. It refers to all the actions taken outside of your own website to deeply yet easily and accurately impact your rankings within SERPs (search engine results pages).

Off-Page SEO Optimization for your ranking aim includes improving search engine and user sensibility of a site’s Authority, Reputation, Contingency and Reliability. All this is achieved by other reputable places available outside of your website on the Internet (like sites, pages, people, etc.) promoting your website or linking to and effectively testifying for the quality of your website contents.

What Are The Options And Points In Off-Page SEO Which Helps To Rank?

Here are 4 very important SEO points only which will help you to boost your ranking,

  1. Building Backlinks – Backlinks is very important to rank on search engines like Google. Search engines uses backlinks as hint of the linked-to content’s quality, so a site with many high value backlinks usually ranks higher than an another totally similar or equal site with fewer backlinks. Remember you have to only focus on building only as many as high-quality backlinks as you can that will helps you to rank.
  2. Video Submissions – Create and upload videos on websites like – youtube, Facebook to have a better chance to get a bunch of extra traffic from social media. Video Submission greatly helps you to build your branding also.
  3. Blog Promotion – In Off-Page SEO blog promotion refers to getting traffic from different websites directly to your website or blog by joining a discussion, answering questions of needy by posting the link of your blog post which must give their answers, Quora and Reddit are the best examples of such websites.
  4. Brand Yourself – To build trust toward your visitors and turn them into your audience, Here not your blog or your website but “You – Yourself must become a Brand”.

Tips To Brand Yourself

  • Always tell the truth
  • Better Understand your audience
  • Try to help everyone to build trust

6. Write Long Articles

Writing a High Quality and Problem-Solving Content which solves user’s problem is not an easy work to do. It requires lots of effort to write and put all the information related to that topic collectively in one place accurately without fail.

Why High-Quality Contents?

Unfortunately many Bloggers don’t focus on writing good quality and problem-solving content which leads to degradation and dropdown of their website or blog’s rank on Google search engines.

The quality of the article is more important than its Length. So, to get better results I recommend you to focus on writing both longer yet knowledgeable quality contents because Long Contents obtains more shares than any small article.

A article having lots of info and detailed knowledge will always helps you to get more shares as well as sales.

Google’s algorithm supports and prefers detailed articles, writing articles of 3000+ words raises a chance that you might be able to rank your post without even a single Back-links.

7. Use Long Tail Keyword

Keyword phrases containing four or more words are called Long-Tail Keyword.

Long Tail Keywords are always beneficial for ranking On Google,

Every Successful Blogger And Pro Affiliate marketers as well as SEO Plugins like Yoast, Rankmath etc. always prefer and recommend to use long-tail keywords because it helps and works for both newbie and pro bloggers to derive huge traffic very easily.

If you are a newbie or a Affiliate Marketer I recommend you to always use long-tail keywords on priority to increase and boost your website or blog traffic and increase your earning.

8. Optimize Images

Optimizing image plays an important yet vital role in your website ranking because its not just only helps to increase your website speed but it also pulls traffic from Google Images to your website and blog.

Why Optimize Images?

Many newbie and amateur bloggers don’t optimize their website and blog images, they perform this crucial mistake due to either or both lack of knowledge and not knowing the importance of image optimization hence they mercilessly lose traffic from Google Search and Google Images.

Tips to optimize your images –

  • Always compress your image before uploading on your website or blog
  • Use a plugin like Optimole, Ewww Image Optimizer or Resmush.it
  • Use CDN to increase speed
  • Never Use Copyright Images

9. Use A Good Theme

A Good theme is an important factor to increase your website traffic because if your site has quality contents and your site looks good and beautiful then it will help building trust in your visitors mind and convert them into your audience as well as your product customers.

Oceanwp, Astra, Generatepress are a few of many light-weight yet feature-rich themes that are considered genuinely very good, reliable, and fast for making a website, blog, or e-commerce store.

You can build your own themes by using good theme-builder plugins like Elementor, thrive architect, etc.

10. Use Info-graphics

A collection of charts, imagery, and minimal text that gives an easy-to-understand overview of a topic is called An info-graphic.

Using Info-graphics we can get a lot of traffic and a bunch of back-links.

Tips You Can Use –

  • Make a professional graphic
  • below the Infographics must add Brand and mention it there
  • add minimal texts in few boxes giving short but accurately enough info
  • Tell vistors to view your infographic image

11. Share Your Links and Posts On All Social Media Platforms

You must share all your articles on every social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Quora etc. to derive genuine traffic from there.

Join as many Facebook and Whatsapp-like social media groups and share your article link, blog, and website link with them, by following this small step you can generate good traffic for your website and blog.

Somebody well said that “Sharing is Caring”. So share your article, blog, website on every such platform.

If you do so then you will gain an enormous amount of extra traffic from there and suppose if your post gets viral then you may get such huge traffic that you may take years to reach and gain that extent of traffic. But if you don’t share your article on social media platform, you lose those traffic from there and those wonderful chances of getting your post(s) viral.

So, Always remember that “It is a must for your site to share and gain a lot of traffic from all those social media platforms without fail”. Some social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram also provides paid and feature-rich services on their platforms to promote and share users contents and links globally.

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